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90 minute Showperformances

 Once upon a time…Now

LiveMusic, Contemporary Circus and Theater, 90 minutes, 7 Performer

An adventure between fantasy and reality.

Gretel is living in our real world.

With her smartphone she is often lost in the digital forest.

One day she is finding a nother world in a mirror, a fantasy world with a lot of problems.

When she breaks through the mirror…..

Contemporary Circus and live music in a 90 minutes piece.


LiveMusic,Contemporary Circus, Vfx and Theater, 90 minutes, 10 Performer

A 90 min Crossoverperformance about our “Digital Society”.

Are you feeling good in your circles?
Is Fear or Chaos the bigger distraction?
And which of this billion answers are real?
Contemporary Circus,Live Music,VFX and Theater
in one performance.